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Introducing the ultimate solution to all your car navigation and entertainment needs – our 360° Rotatable Magnetic Car Phone Holder! Engineered for convenience and versatility, this sleek, foldable dashboard stand is a must-have accessory for every modern driver. With its universal compatibility and strong magnetic grip, you’ll never have to worry about your phone’s stability while driving.

Key Features

  • Magnetic Holder: Ensures a secure grip without damaging your device.
  • 360-Degree Rotation: Offers multiple viewing angles for optimal convenience.
  • Universal Compatibility: Perfect for a wide range of smartphones, including iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models.
  • Quality Material: Crafted from durable aluminium alloy in stylish black and silver colors.
  • Foldable Design: Easy to adjust and store when not in use.
  • Drop Shipping Support: Ideal for resellers and gift givers.


  • Enhance your driving experience with easy-to-use, reliable phone mounting.
  • Keep your device in sight without obstructing the view of the road.
  • Effortlessly adjust your phone’s angle for better GPS navigation or hands-free calls.
  • Experience a sleek, minimalist design that complements your car’s interior.
  • Enjoy a holder that is compatible with a vast range of smartphones, making it perfect for multi-device households.

When Best to Use

This magnetic phone holder is ideal for everyday commuting, long road trips, or quick errands. Whether you’re navigating busy city streets or cruising on the highway, it ensures your smartphone stays in place, visible, and accessible. It’s especially handy for GPS navigation, streaming music, or taking hands-free calls.  

What Makes It Special

Our phone holder stands out with its combination of functionality and style. The strong magnetic attachment ensures your device stays securely in place, even on bumpy roads. The 360-degree rotatable feature allows for effortless adjustment to any viewing angle, enhancing your driving experience. Plus, its foldable and sleek design means it seamlessly integrates into your car’s dashboard without adding bulk.  

Ready to Transform Your Drive?

Don’t wait to upgrade your driving experience. Get your hands on this versatile, stylish, and indispensable car accessory today and enjoy the ultimate in convenience and functionality!

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Alejandrin Hand
29 Feb 2024

This solution worked perfectly for us, fitting well and functioning equally effectively in all our vehicles. Initially, I bought it to fit into a specific spot in my console where I wanted my phone to be neatly tucked away. What stands out about this mount is its versatility; its various hinged sections allow it to swivel on multiple axes, making it adaptable to various locations and setups. I particularly appreciate the tightness of the main support hinge, ensuring that the phone stays securely in place wherever you position it. It's an ideal choice for safely utilizing your phone's navigation feature while driving.

Marlee Gutmann
23 Feb 2024

This mount serves its primary function of holding a phone well, but what sets it apart is its narrow form factor, allowing it to fit into narrower spaces. The circular base is not overly wide, but in my opinion, a narrower base would be even better. I appreciate the six magnets providing a strong hold, but to ensure it stays in place, I recommend using a high-quality 3M double-sided tape. It's important to note that it requires a flat surface; if your dashboard has a slight curve, it may not adhere well.

Carmel Waelchi
1 Feb 2024

While I really liked this stand, unfortunately, it didn't fit in the dash of my Lexus as there wasn't a space big enough for it. Additionally, the AC vents in my car are too small to accommodate it without blocking airflow. However, I gave it to a friend who drives a truck, and it fits perfectly in his center console without obstructing his view. The fact that it folds out of the way when not in use is a nice feature. It's a shame it didn't work for my car.

Myron Weimann
10 Jan 2024

I've repurposed this mount for use on my desk, where it has proven to be quite useful. I like its ability to fold down to a compact size or extend to hold the phone. The magnet is strong enough to securely hold my large phone in place, and the mount has remained stable since day one. It even came with extra magnet plates for use with other electronics and alcohol wipes for surface preparation. It's a reliable magnet mount, and I highly recommend it.

Alycia Skiles
1 Jan 2024

When I initially doubled this phone holder with my iPhone, I wasn't entirely convinced. However, after ensuring a clean installation surface and following simple setup steps, it proved to be an excellent choice. Placing it below the Apple sign on my phone allowed for even weight distribution and stable support. It's eliminated the need for vent clips, providing a secure hold without obstructing important features on my phone.

Gudrun Keeling
20 Dec 2023

This mount boasts a sleek, low-profile design and is constructed from metal for durability. Its strong magnet securely holds the phone in place, and it can be easily retracted when not in use. While the adhesive it comes with may not be the strongest, it includes additional stick pads for convenience. Overall, it's a well-designed and functional product.

Chadrick Runolfsdottir
5 Dec 2023

I thought it was a little bigger than and but it came in good condition

Theresa Raynor
28 Nov 2023

Everything came to the picture

Jody Sporer
26 Nov 2023

The goods arrived quickly. All as described. I liked it. I recommend the seller.

Edwina Balistreri
22 Nov 2023

Super fast arrive

Nichole Borer
14 Nov 2023

Very well made and fast delivery

Emory Kreiger
13 Nov 2023

as described

Arnulfo Terry
11 Nov 2023

Appropriate design and size. The material looks good quality.

Chase Nader
2 Nov 2023

I appreciate the small size and strong magnetic performance of this holder, which securely holds my phone in various terrains. It was definitely a good investment.

Brice Moen
31 Oct 2023

I know very well, and firm and beautiful Thank you very much...

Shirley Bergnaum
24 Oct 2023

Living in a hot climate hasn't affected the adhesive's grip on this mount. Its size is perfect for my car, being small yet strong and adjustable. It's a worthwhile purchase!

Lexi Murphy
22 Oct 2023

look good The joints are a little drenched

Wilfredo Hickle
21 Oct 2023

Very good product . Must buy

Destin Nicolas
10 Oct 2023

Very good, I recommend.

Linda Haley
8 Oct 2023

Good mount for the price. it's definitely worth it. I got it for my dad since he's a doordasher, and he likes it. It's good quality and can hold well, but be mindful of the weight of your phone/case. My dad has a heavy case, so it may struggle a bit

360° Rotatable Magnetic Car Phone Holder

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